School of Thrones

So yes, we still have a few weeks until the premiere of Game of Thrones. But in the mean time check out this little gem made by some famous youtubers of the world that has been cruising around the internet since Monday. GoT set in high school. Yes that’s right. The drama of the seven kingdoms set inside the prison walls of a high school. Episodes will come out weekly. I enjoy the hipster vibe from the Starks. I’m waiting for Arya to make her appearance and more Tyrion! And is that the guy from “A Very Potter Musical”?!

Prom is coming. What do you guys think? Will you be watching while you wait on HBO to take us back to Westeros? Could this be the teen angsty drama we have been waiting for? Will Jon Snow ever be accepted at school? Who will be crowned Prom King? What’s up with Dany’s wig?