Who’s Your Doctor?

The doctors

With the eve of the new Doctor Who upon us it’s time to have some serious talk about your Doctor. With 11 to choose from it is one of the hardest choices a Whovian can have, but the easiest to defend. Once you have claimed your Doctor, he is and always will be yours and one can defend to the death why he is the best. For me (and I’m sure many, many, many of you others) it is the Tenth Doctor. David Tennant changed my life with his portrayal of the famous Gallifreyan savior. He is quirky and brilliant and glorious. Yes, Nine is my first Doctor, but Ten is MY Doctor. To be fair, I’m still watching classic Doctor Who so I am still giving the others a chance (Number 4 isn’t too shabby), but it is hard to compare.

So here are a few of the million reasons David Tennant as Ten was the best Doctor (although do I even need to defend that statement?!)

  • Allonsy!
  • Run!
  • David Tennant can make you feel every emotion all at once and understand the emptiness and fanticism of being a Time Lord. Seriously. What a range.
  • Only he can get you to understand Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey…stuff
  • He taught us if you don’t know what something is, the best way to find out is to lick it.
  • He makes you bawl your eyes out when he says “I don’t want to go!” NOOOOOOOO!!!!! :’-(
  • He let Rose keep Mickey around
  • He’s like fire and ice and rage and he burns at the center of time
  • Tennant rocked those 3D glasses
  • The eyebrow
  • He loved Doctor Who as a child and got to live his childhood dream. That’s amazing on so many levels.
  • “I’m burning up the sun just to say goodbye” (still sobbing)
  • Every David Tennant GIF ever!….EVER
  • This picture: is that david tennant
  • Tennant kept a video diary during his last few days of shooting, which is quite hilarious
  • David Tennant and cast performing this little number at his wrap party:

But I am nothing if not fair. So go ahead, leave a comment, defend your Doctor. Maybe even defend The Master. Let me know which is the best and why.