The Heroes of the Original Star Wars Trilogy, and What Makes Them Who They Are


Luke Skywalker: The main hero of the orIginal trilogy. It’s hard not to like him. He’s the character the audience relates to the most, since he’s an innocent young man thrown headlong into this fantastical situation with absolutely no idea what’s going on. As the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, he, along with Leia, was pretty much destined to end up in the whole situation brought up. Not only that, he refuses to give up on his journey of finding Obi-Wan, becoming a Jedi, and protecting his friends.

Han Solo: The most useful sidekick in movie history and a hero in his own right. He’s one of the guys that you would want on your zombie apocalypse team. Throughout the movies, he’s constantly getting Luke out of losing battles, albeit life-threatening or not. He solves problems by shooting first and asking questions later. Even has Han’s pursued by crime lords, he He’s half of one of geekdom’s favorite power couples.

Leia Organa: The other half of said couple. Leia’s all you could ever want in a princess. Despite all the odds that are against her throughout her storyline, she rolls with the punches and keeps going.  She maintains her political duties, but at the same time, she’s a decent fighter who’s just as good as the men. She doesn’t let anyone put her down. When someone sasses her, she gives as good as she gets.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Being in the Jedi business for many years, he’s Luke’s mentor who gets them out of several dire situations. Next to Yoda, he seems to be the second smartest in the bunch, and it shows. Who can complain when he’s an old man kicking butt and taking names, usually just with a wave of his hand? When he made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends, characters and the audience alike felt it.

Yoda: The most powerful Jedi, and Luke’s second mentor. He’s another one that you wouldn’t want to cross. He’s a lot of power in a small body. Yoda keeps Luke driven to succeed in becoming a jedi, and usually has something philosophical to counter Luke’s protests. At this rate, who doesn’t know the phrase “Do or do not, there is no try”, even if they’re not Star Wars fans? Not many, I can tell you that.

R2-D2 and C3-PO: Some might complain that the droids made this list, but the way I see it, at least R2 provides some thrilling heroics via hacking into computers to save the humans. Together, the pair also provide some breaks in the action with comic relief that usually starts with one of them sassing the other. Sure, 3PO causes a lot more trouble than he helps his friends, but the movie still doesn’t seem like it would be the same without either of them. You have to admit they’re not as annoying as Jar-Jar, to say the least.

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back


The saga continues three years after the events of A New Hope, and a crawl catches the audience up- the Death Star’s been destroyed, but the Imperials have pulled off several victories in the fight against the Rebels.  Luke and the others have set up a new base on the planet Hoth, but Vader is hot on his heels. The action begins as Luke rides up onto a hill on a tauntan…

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