Game of Thrones- The Rains of Castamere- Season 3 Episode 9

Lady Catelyn is the picture of a destroyed and beaten woman

Lady Catelyn is the picture of a destroyed and beaten woman

Too many feels! Still crying as Robb embraces his Talisa for the last time.

Too many feels! Still crying as Robb embraces his Talisa for the last time.

How much did your heart break last night? Did the tears just flow? The moment GoT readers have been dreading finally hit us last night…The Red Wedding. Too much emotion is flowing through me right now. I’m lost and hurt. George R. R. Martin and Steven Moffat do have this in common. They enjoy taking everyone viewers love and cherish and destroying them. Yet we keep watching and reading because they do it so well. Ugh it hurts.

The episode begins with Robb Stark going over strategy with his mother. He’s decided the only way they have a chance of winning is with the help of Walder Frey, the man Robb crossed when he married Talisa instead of one of Frey’s daughters. But Robb wants to attack Casterly Rock and this is the only way. Lady Catelyn ends the scene with the words “show them how it feels to lose what they love.” The statement hits you right in the gut as we think about what’s coming. Ouch.

At the house of Lord Walder Frey, Robb is asking forgiveness for breaking his promise. Frey shows all million of his daughters and said Robb could have had any one he wished and basically dismisses Robb’s words. Frey is angry that he has brought Talisa along although he mentions he would have broken oath to get with her hot body as well. Gross. But then Frey says they will put the incident behind them and move on. Problem solved?

At Dany’s camp Daario is showing her how to get into the city to open the gates for her armies. Daario is clearly smitten and boy does it get on Jorah’s nerves. Daario says he will take 3 men and fight the guards and then open the front gates for everyone else. The leader of the Unsullied trusts him so Dany is ready to sack the city tonight.

North of the Wall Sam and Gilly are together and he tells her of a secret entry through the wall. Apparently this secret entrance no one knows about except Sam since he reads books. She calls him a wizard for knowing everything by “staring at marks on paper”. Awww how cute.

The Hound still has Arya and they come upon a man and his wagon. The Hound helps him fix the wheel and then knocks him out. He goes to kill him but Arya refuses to let him slaughter the random man. The relationship between Arya and the Hound is amusing and odd. The Hound says she is very kind and will one day be killed because of it. The old man starts to rise and she knocks him out again with a stick.

Bran and his crew are still traveling and come upon a tower. They rest there to get shelter from the coming storm. Nearby Jon Snow and the Wildlings have found a man that provides horses for the men of the Night’s Watch. The Wildlings want to kill the horse breeder and take the horses. Jon Snow wants to let him live. He is ignored and the Wildlings rush the farm. But Jon Snow smacks his sword on a rock to alert the man giving him just enough time to get away. He even stops Ygritte from shooting him through the back with an arrow.

Back to Arya and the Hound. He is eating some of the pig on the wagon. They start talking about fear. He says Arya is afraid that she is so close to her family that she might miss her chance to be reunited once again. She retorts with the fact she knows he is afraid of fire. He brings up the death of her father and Arya turns lets him know one day she will be the one to kill the Hound.

The storm has started and  the thunder scares Hodor. He is going crazy making too much noise. Jon and the Wildlings have arrived at the tower. They are so close! But they don’t know Jon is with the Wildlings so they are afraid. Hodor is making more and more noise so Bran gets him to calm down by going all psychic and getting into his mind. What is his power?

The Wildlings caught up to the horse breeder and tell Jon Snow to kill him. Jon can’t do it so Ygritte does it for him. They start to attack Jon and he pushes Ygritte out of the way. In the tower Jojen tells Bran to set the direwolves on the Wildlings so they don’t find them hiding. The direwolves end up saving Jon and then stabs Orell and says “you were right the whole time”. Orell uses his warg powers to have an eagle attack Jon Snow but he manages to fend it off, he gets on a horse and runs off leaving Ygritte in the dust. She knows nothing now.

Bran and his people are talking in the tower now about his new-found ability to control people’s minds as well as animals. He then tells Osha that she needs to take Rickon to a Stark bannerman while Bran and the others continue to go north of the Wall. More Starks splitting up. No one wants this family to be together!

In Yunkai Daario is sneaking through the gate and tells Jorah he is the greatest whistler in the world so he will be able to hear the signal. He kills the guards but more keep coming. It’s Daario, Grey Worm, and Jorah against a bunch of guys and they are killing it. Dany is getting worried but suddenly Jorah shows up covered in blood and she asks about Daario. He comes in, kneels at her feet and proclaims the city is now hers.

It’s finally time for the wedding at The Twins. Edmure’s bride to be is actually quite pretty and he is pleased. The wedding takes place and it’s time for the feast. Everyone is merry and drinking and Frey announces that it is now time for the bedding to take place. During the festivities Robb asks Talisa if she knows if her baby is a boy or a girl. She doesn’t know (obviously) but says if it’s a boy she will name him Eddard. Stop right now and begin crying. Catelyn sees this and actually seems happy for them. Continue tears.

A man closes the giant doors to the party and it seems ominous. Lady Catelyn is starting to get concerned and then the band starts playing the Lannister’s song, The Rains of Castamere. Sensing something is wrong (seriously I need to get me a direwolf) Robb’s wolf is starting to whine but is trapped in a cage. Arya and the Hound finally arrive but are told the party is over and watch as soldiers run into the castle. Things are not looking good. Keep breathing. The music has stopped and Frey starts speaking with Robb. Catelyn shoots a glance at Roose Bolton and the looks exchanged are not good. She pulls his sleeve back and sees he is wearing chain mail. Catelyn screams and all hell breaks loose.

A man runs to Talisa and stabs her way more than necessary right in her stomach leading us to have to say goodbye to Ned Stark again! Tears are flowing now in between horrified gasps. Robb is standing frozen and can’t understand what just happens. Arrows start flying and Robb is hit twice. Around him his drunken men are being slaughtered. Frey is enjoying every minute of the slaughter like the sick perverted man he is. It’s disgusting.

Arya can see Robb’s soldiers being killed and watches as more of Frey’s men kill the the direwolf. Noooooooooooo!! Still crying and watching the terror unfold. The Hound says to Arya “it’s too late” and knocks her unconscious and takes her away. This essentially saves her life. But inside no one is being saved.

Robb crawls to Talisa and just holds her as her blood surrounds him. THIS IS UNFAIR. Lady Catelyn grabs Frey’s wife who was hiding under a table and screams at Frey to let Robb go or she will kill his wife. I am not sure how Lady Catelyn is still sane at this point but she is screaming and begging Robb to run away and try to escape this madness. She is losing everyone. She lost her husband, she still thinks her two youngest are dead, her girls are lost, so she cannot lose Robb too. The emotion in her voice and face is raw and unrelenting. Every part of you aches for this mother watching her son being murdered. Again she screams that she will kill this woman. Frey looks at her with so much malice and just says “I’ll find another”.

Robb looks up at Catelyn all big eyed and hurt. AHH my heart can’t take it. He says “mother…” and is stopped short as Bolton comes up to him and stabs him in the stomach giving the last needed push towards death and says “the Lannisters send their regards”.

Catelyn watches Robb fall then slits the girls throat. Then someone comes up and slits her throat which almost seems merciful at this point since she has lost everything. It burns. I can no longer see through my furious and broken tears. The scene unfolds so fast and yet it is still so powerful and heart wrenching.

Silent credits roll. Boom. How can anyone go on? More tears. Silence. Black.

Game of Thrones- The Kingsroad- Season 1 Episode 2


Poor Daenerys (aka Dany), sold into wedlock by her brother to a beast of a man. Khal Drogo only seems to be interested in using her as a sex doll and she cannot stop him. Thankfully she has Jorah Mormont traveling with the Dothraki to talk with and start somewhat of a friendship with.

So thank the heavens we find out Bran is still alive, just in a coma. Lady Catelyn has been by his bedside day and night praying for his recovery. Even Cersei (the Queen) comes in to say she is sorry for what happens and shares a story of her dealings with loss. What sneaky, tricky woman coming to give her blessings to the boy she tried to kill. And if you haven’t started to hate Joffrey or love Tyrion yet here is more of a reason to do so. Tyrion wakes up hungover in an animal pen to see Joffrey standing over him. Tyrion tells Joffrey to give his condolences to the Starks for the incident with Bran. Joffrey talks back and the greatest moment in television history happens, Tyrion smacks Joffrey. Yes I replayed that a few times. Still can’t get enough of it! Tyrion then goes inside to see his siblings having breakfast and in his conversation with them it seems he knows more then he is letting on about what may have happened to Bran. What does he know? How does he know it? Tyrion is more clever than he seems at times.

Switching over to Jon Snow’s story line, he is determined to become a member of the Night’s Watch. He is leaving with his Uncle to go to the Wall. Snow, who seems to be a loving and kind brother, even though he is a bastard child, goes into Arya’s room while she is packing to give her a gift. The gift is a sword, which Arya names Needle as a poke to the traditional needle and thread a woman her age should have in hand. His bright and shining moment is the tip he gives her as he hugs her goodbye “Stick them with the pointy end.” Thanks dear brother. Snow then goes over to say his farewell to Bran, who is still in a coma, and Lady Catelyn seems less than pleased to see him. In fact, I think ordering him to get out was good proof of her disdain for Ned’s bastard son.

Now everyone is leaving Winterfell; a group is heading for the Wall and another back to King’s Landing. Ned and Snow share their goodbyes and the parties head off in their opposite directions. The King and Ned later are stopped to eat and again talking about the Targaryens. Robert’s hatred for them burns deep and he wants to kill Dany as a wedding gift but level-headed Ned shuts down the idea.

Later that night at Winterfell, outside Bran’s direwolf Summer is complaining and howling nonstop. A fire breaks out and Robb Stark, who is in the room with his mother leaves to go check it out. When Catelyn turns to go, an assassin comes into Bran’s room and fight breaks loose. Catelyn is knocked to the ground after trying to grab the knife WITH HER BARE HANDS and the assassin is headed for Bran. Summer comes leaping in and heads straight for the assassin’s jugular. Then after ripping out the murderer’s throat casually goes and lays down next to Bran, snout all covered in blood. No big deal. I definitely need a dire wolf, not that I’m planning on having anyone come after me in the night, still must be a nice safety net.

Back to Dany and the Dothraki. She is getting a mani-pedi from her slaves and asking about dragons and the Dothraki. After speaking with one of her hand maidends (or slaves, whatever you wish to call them) for a time, she learns this girl basically used to be a prostitute and asks if she can teach Dany how “to make the Khal happy”. And so the teaching of some girl on top action begins. Later on when the Khal returns to the tent, Dany tried out her newly found skills in the bedroom and both parties seem happy. Mission accomplished.

The King’s party is still heading to King’s Landing on the Kingsroad (say that five times fast) and Joffrey and Sansa go for a walk together. They see Arya and Mycah (the butcher’s boy) play sword fighting on the river bank. Joffrey decides to be himself and be a total jerk to Mycah and cuts his cheek with a sword. Well this doesn’t sit well with Arya who grabs a branch and hits Joffrey with it. Joffrey hits Arya bringing her to the ground and then Arya’s dire wolf Nymeria bites Joffrey’s arm and he cries like the little baby he is. Arya grabs his sword and as Joffrey squeals and begs she heaves his sword into the river. Sweet. Of course the useless Sansa does nothing but scream at Arya during this whole ordeal. Way to go sis.

Arya insists Nymeria has to run away, which is one of the saddest things I’ve seen, and she goes running into the forest. Arya is then taken in front of the King and Queen to be punished for attacking Joffrey. The Queen claims Arya and Mycah beat Joffrey with sticks and let the wolf attack him. Sansa is asked what really happened and all she can manage to see is “I don’t remember”. Like I said, useless. The end result of this is the wolf is sentenced to death, but since Nymeria has run off, Sansa’s wolf Lady is on the chopping block thanks to Queen Cersei. Ned volunteers to slay the dire wolf since it is a beast of the north and deserves a better death than any a butcher can give to her. Ugh, this breaks my heart. Stop getting rid of the wolves!

Cut to Bran, he opens his eyes! Roll credits. Roll episode 3 please.