Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 2: Earth

Okay. So Book 1 of Last Airbender was pretty crazy and full of plot twists, but in Book 2, things really get crazy. Aang is running out of time to master all the elements, so someone suggests that instead of mastering the elements, he learns how to trigger the Avatar state. The problem with this is that if he dies in the Avatar state, then the Avatar spirit dies and the cycle ends. If Aang battles the Fire Lord in the Avatar state then, potentially, there will never be another Avatar. Zuko and Iroh are visited by Azula who tells them that they are allowed to return home, but they soon discover that her summons was a trap to imprison them. They escape, but this means that they are both fugitives of the Fire Nation now and can never return home. While on the run, Iroh accidently drinks some poisonous tea, but is helped by a healer named Song. She shows Zuko the effect the war is having on innocent civilians and he experiences some feels!

The gang gets caught in a tunnel called the Cave of Two Lovers, which is bad for them, but also great for the audience because Aang and Katara finally kiss so we’re all thinking: “Hey! Maybe this will alleviate all the awkward sexual tension!” (Spoiler alert: it didn’t). Their torch—literal torch, not metaphorical love torch—burns out, setting off glowing lights on the ceiling that lead them out of the cave and into the city of Omashu…which is now under the control of the Fire Nation. Aang is worried because he can’t find his friend Bumi who was in charge of Omashu. Sokka helps all the citizens escape by pretending they have an illness called pentapox, but the Fire Nation Governor’s son accidentally leaves with the civilians as well. Aang uses this as an opportunity to trade for Bumi’s release, but Bumi tells Aang that he must wait for a more proper time to escape. He then tells Aang to find an Earthbending master who “waits and listens.”

Meanwhile, Zuko has taken on a second identity called the “Blue Spirit,” a disguise he uses to steal food for him and his uncle. When Iroh finds out Zuko is stealing, he becomes angry and Zuko leaves him. He goes to an Earth Kingdom town where he becomes friends with a young boy named Lee who lets Zuko stay with his family. However, once they discover who he really is, they (obviously) make him leave.

Aang is also in the Earth Kingdom looking for an Earthbending teacher. He discovers this teacher who “waits and listens” at an Earthbending competition: a blind Earthbender named Toph (who is such a bad ass). However, her parents won’t let her be Aang’s teacher, so she runs away to join his gang. The group starts getting chased by a mysterious machine that makes it impossible for them to stop for sleep, and this makes them all super angsty, so Aang tries to lure the machine away but he’s stopped by Azula. His friends (plus Zuko and Iroh, who are apparently friends again) show up to take down Azula, but she injures Iroh and escapes.

At an oasis, the group—that no longer includes Iroh and Zuko—meet a professor who tells them about a hidden Spirit Library (aka the library of my dreams) that’s hidden in the desert. Once inside, Sokka discovers some crucial information: the date of an upcoming solar eclipse which will cripple the Fire Nation’s Firebending and potentially end the war (woo!). The spirit guard of the library doesn’t want them to leave with all the information they have discovered and sinks the library into the sand. They escape, but Appa gets kidnapped by Sandbenders. Without him, they have no way of escaping the desert. However, Aang tracks them down and learns that Appa was traded to a merchant in Ba Sing Se (the Earth Kingdom capital), so, of course, they start making their way to the Earth Kingdom.

Zuko and Iroh are also on their way to Ba Sing Se, hoping to start a new life there. Zuko meets Jet and some of the Freedom Fighters (a group of kids dedicated to ending the reign of the Fire Nation) and they begin to bond. However, they soon find out that the Fire Nation is about the send a gigantic drill to destroy the city’s wall. Luckily, Aang and Co. are able to stop the drill in time. Meanwhile, Jet wants to make Zuko a Freedom Fighter, but discovers that he is a Firebender. Unfortunately, while trying to gather evidence of this, he gets himself arrested (It’s not really unfortunate at all. Does anyone actually like Jet? He’s a huge tool.)

Once Aang finally makes it into Ba Sing Se, he tries to tell the Earth King about the solar eclipse, but their tour guide, Joo Dee, won’t let them. They discover that talking about the war is illegal and enforced by the Dai Li (the secret police) and their leader, Long Feng (WHO IS BRAIN WASHING PEOPLE BY THE WAY). Appa and Aang are finally reunited with the help of Zuko (say what?) whose uncle encouraged him to free the bison and give up the Blue Spirit.

Meanwhile, Azula and her friends, while disguised as the Kyoshi warriors, infiltrate the city, those little sneaks.

Aang meets Guru Pathik who can train him to master the Avatar state by unlocking the chakras. He succeeds in unlocking all of them, except the last which requires him to give up all earthly attachments but he’s in love with Katara so he can’t. Elsewhere, Toph invents metal bending, like the gangsta she is.

In the last episode of the season, Zuko prepares to capture the Avatar, but before he can, Azula takes control of the Dai Li (and essentially all of Ba Sing Se) and has Zuko arrested. Iroh tells Zuko that he has to choose between his uncle and his sister. Zuko chooses to fight alongside Azula (stupid). Aang realizes he has to let go of Katara in order to save her, so he does (frown) and enters the Avatar state. While in this state, Azula zaps him with lightning. Iroh helps the gang fight off Azula so that they can escape with Aang’s body. Katara uses spirit water to heal Aang as they flee. They make is out alive, but the Earth Kingdom’s largest city is now under control of the Fire Nation.

Game of Thrones- And Now His Watch Is Ended- Season 3 Episode 4

The burning of the city

The burning of Astapor

Ohhhhh that’s her plan. Good show Dany. Poor Jamie. What is happening with Bran!

Jamie’s hand is now hanging around his neck as a harsh reminder of what his father cannot protect him from. Gross and rude. Jamie is begging for water and Locke gets him to drink horse urine. So mean. I love that I am actually now feeling bad for Jamie Lannister. What is happening to me?! Jamie grabs a sword but cannot fight left-handed and is beat to the ground and his face is pushed into the mud. Ugh, the feels! It’s a Lannister! Don’t care so much. But I do. I feel bad for the Kingslayer.

In Bran’s storyline he is still with the boy Jojen and dreaming of the three-eyed crow. Can’t wait to see this story line play out. Also took me this whole episode to remember that Jojen is the little boy from Love Actually. Awww. Adorable. But back to Westeros.

In King’s Landing Varys is meeting with Tyrion and delivers him a crate. He is telling Tyrion the story of how he became…lacking downstairs. He was drugged by a man who then cut off his manhood and burned it in a dark magic ceremony. Creepy. So Varys despises “magic and all those who practice it.” The crate is finally opened and inside it is the wizard who mutilated Varys with his mouth sewn shut.

Back to the Night’s Watch. The men hate working at Craster’s. And they should. He sucks. They need to just get out of there. Samwell is talking to Gilly and bothering her about the name of her baby. Sam is kind of annoying. I’m waiting for him to surprise us all and be a great hero.

Varys is speaking with Ros and has been informed that Littlefinger’s ship has two feather beds in it for his trip to the Eyrie. The assumption is he is trying to sneak Sansa away with him. Gross. So he can’t have the mom, go for the daughter? I guess that’s a thing in Westeros.

Ugh, more Joffrey. He is walking with Margaery telling her the history of King’s Landing in the Sept of Baelor, where their wedding is going to take place. Margaery is so gifted at playing the young king, but I guess he’s not that difficult to figure out. She convinces him to go outside and acknowledge the crowd. The crowd is shouting for Margaery but she tells him it’s really all for him so they go outside to greet the people.

Mystery boy is now leading Theon Greyjoy to his sister through some tunnels. He says Theon’s dad knew what was happening ti him this whole time. Theon is reflecting on his decisions from past episodes and then says “my real father lost his head at King’s Landing…I made a choice, and I chose wrong, and now I’ve burned everything down.” Awwww, but I still don’t like you Theon. You had a good thing going for you, I think they call this karma. The man now leads Theon back into the dungeon. Whaaaa? Other men put Theon back on the cross. What was that all about? Who is this guy?

At camp we return to Jamie Lannister. He is dying and not eating. Brienne is trying to get him to snap out of it. They fight because Brienne is calling him a wuss and to get over himself and the loss of his hand. Basically Jamie needs to man up. So he finally eats. She then asks why Jamie told that story about her family being wealthy since it isn’t true in order to save her. Why is he helping? Feelings for someone that’s not his sister? Interesting.

Cersei is now in Tywin’s office asking if he is doing everything possible to get Jamie back. He shoots her down and then gives Cersei an opportunity to prove she isn’t worthless to him. Then he delivers this beauty “I don’t distrust you because you’re a woman, I distrust you because you’re not as smart as you think”.

Lady Olenna and Varys are chatting about Littlefinger and his attachment to Sansa. They form a plan and Margaery finds Sansa to put it into action. She mentions to Sansa she likes her very much and would love to become sisters with her. The best way to that? Why marry her brother Loras of course and then they can be sisters. Oh Sansa, what will we do with you. She is so happy about it and can’t wait to marry Sir Loras. Oh boy.

At Craster’s again the Night’s Watch are burning a corpse of one of the men who didn’t get enough food. Craster tells the Lord Commander to kill all the wounded men and it makes the men rightfully angry. Craster is awful. The men start arguing with Craster and then things go crazy. Craster is killed (WOOO!! Finally!) but so is the Lord Commander. Sam grabs Gilly and they get out of there as fast as tubby Sam can go.

Arya! She is still with the Brotherhood without Banners in their hideout and their prisoner, The Hound. The leader of the crew is Beric Dondarrion who is looking for The Mountain (The Hound’s brother. Solid nicknames guys). Beric is also a fan of the Lord of the Light just like that red head, Melisandre. Arya tells them The Hound murdered the butcher’s boy and so The Hound will go to trial by combat.

Dany is still in Astapor. Remember, she traded one of her dragons for those slave soldiers? Let’s watch that play out. Dany is in the center of the square with all of her Unsullied, slave masters, and Kraznys waiting around. Kraznys is talking but Dany isn’t really listening. She opens a basket and one of her dragons is on a chain leash which Kraznys takes from her in exchange for the whip that gives her control of the slaves. She asks if the deal is done and Kraznys insults her in Valyrian. She walks down the steps and overhead the dragon is screeching. Dany then looks to her Unsullied and starts to speak to them…in Valyrian. Ohhh what?! Dany orders the Unsullied to do certain things and then the magic happens. Dany turns and starts berating Kraznys in Valyrian. She then tells the Unsullied to kill all slave masters but not harm any of the children. Kraznys is outraged and tells the guards to kill Dany and then you know what happens? DANY HAS THE DRAGON SET KRAZNYS ON FIRE! The city is now burning and Dany turns to the Unsullied and tell them they are free men now. They can join her if they want, but they will never be slaves again. They all follow her as she marches triumphantly away from the burning city. Hell yeah.

Star Wars Episode II–Attack of the Clones Movie Review

Star Wars: Episode Two—Attack of the Clones (2002)


Cast: Ewan McGregor, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman

Director: George Lucas

A decade after the events that occurred in the Phantom Menace, there is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand Solar Systems have declared their desire to leave the Republic. A Separatist movement, under the leadership of malicious former Jedi Master, Count Dooku has made it difficult for the limited Jedi Knights to maintain peace in the Republic. With Count Dooku threatening the peace, the Galactic Senate debates whether to enact the Military Creation Act, allowing the formation of an army for the protection of the Republic. Senator Padmè Amidala, former Queen of Naboo returns to Coruscant to cast her vote against the act. A failed assassination attempt upon her arrival, prompts Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to request Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan and his apprentice, Anakin to protect her. Under Anakin’s protection, love blossoms between the pair.

After the long awaited release of Episode One–The Phantom Menace, was met with mixed reviews, George Lucas came back with Episode II—Attack of the Clones. With two storylines intertwined, this movie is packed with action and romance. Also, thanks to technological advancements Lucas is able to depict the beauty of outer space, including detailed space stations and planets in a way that was impossible in 1977.

Attempting to follow the storyline pattern of the The Empire Strikes Back, Attack of the Clones splits up its leading cast to pursue separate adventures before reuniting them for the final battle against evil. Unfortunately, this time the intertwined storylines did not flow, and instead made it difficult to follow along. The plot was well thought out, but poor direction and dreadful acting failed to let the storyline shine. Newcomer, Hayden Christensen was an unsuitable choice to fill the illustrious role of Anakin Skywalker. Even his attractiveness could not disguise his dreadful acting. Likewise, the romance between Anakin and Padmè was overall a cringe-worthy moment. The stiff and flat dialogue between the pair was not a convincing portrayal of love. Furthermore, the brief reappearance of the most despised sidekick in all of history, Jar Jar Binks, is completely irrelevant to the overall plot.

Consequently, the phenomenal special effects and features allowed the film to redeem itself. The final battle scene really puts the “Wars” back in Star Wars. I never thought Yoda in a lightsaber duel would ever look amazing, but it does. Similarly, Obi-Wan’s duel with Jango Fett in the rain is superb. There is a great mixture of hand-on-hand combat and lightsaber vs. blasters. Also, the mystery of who is trying to assassinate Padmè leads the film in a highly enjoyable suspense thrill reminiscent of an old private detective film.

All in all, middle episodes in trilogies have the potential to be dissatisfying. Unlike, The Empire Strikes Back which dazzled us with action and romance while bridging the gap between the films, Attack of the Clones unfortunately left us disappointed. The overall, sub par acting and ill-portrayed romance overshadowed the rest of the plot. Despite the exceptional special effects and grand lightsaber duels, this movie deserves only 2.5 stars.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1: Water

Do you guys remember Avatar: The Last Airbender? Of course you do, because it was the best show to ever exist (also the worst movie to ever exist, but we’ll just ignore that). But just in case you guys happen to be struggling with amnesia right now, here’s what happened in the first season.

“Book 1: Water” starts out with a little history lesson on the world of the show. We find out that there are four nations—Earth, Water, Air, and Fire—and that some people can control the element of their nation. We also find out that one person has the ability to manipulate all four elements and they are called the Avatar. All four nations used to live in harmony until the fire nation attacked and the only person who could stop them, the Avatar, vanished. All this happened one hundred years ago and the four nations have been at war ever since.

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Game of Thrones- Walk of Punishment – Season 3 Episode 3

Jamie Lannister


Holy cow what just happened in this episode? Did anyone see that coming?! The whole episode, while it was a good one, was a lot of building again, much like the first episode, and then WHAM! Hello ending. And that’s really how it ended. When the song started and the credits rolled was anyone else going “whaaaaaa?!”. Poor Jamie. What a ride he went through.

But let’s start at the beginning. We are at Riverrun for the funeral of Lady Catelyn’s father. They send his body off in a boat and then try to light it on fire by shooting an arrow at the boat. Edmure, Catelyn’s brother, misses three times. Guess it would be too easy to light the fire before pushing the boat from shore? Clearly that’s not the Tully way. Instead let’s embarrass old Edmure until Uncle Brynden saves the day and fires the shot. He doesn’t even have to look to know it’s landing in the boat. Bad-Ass Blackfish man. Later Edmure suffers further embarrassment, this time at the hand of Robb, who is scolding him for not obeying orders. His attack on “The Mountain” left over 200 northerners dead and Robb’s plan for beating the Lannisters in shambles.

In King’s Landing, the Hand of the King, Tywin wastes no time exerting his dominance over everyone else. He has clearly called a meeting and every chair is lined up on the left side of the table except his own, which is at the head. The three henchmen, Varys, Littlefinger, and Pycelle take their seats at the left side. Cersei is not having it. She picks up a chair and brings it to the right side of the table next to her father. What an attitude. This next part is why I love Tyrion. He grabs the remaining chair on the left and drags it (yes, the chair is much larger than the dwarf), squeaky awkward sounds and all (to which it seems Tyrion thoroughly enjoyed this part), to the opposite head of the table directly across from his father. Boom, equals. Now to get down to business. Littlefinger wants to wed Catelyn’s sister Lysa in order to steal more support away from the Starks and gain more titles for himself as Lord of the Vale. Tyrion points out that Littlefinger cannot go because he is in charge of the crown’s finances and needs to be around Kingslanding to handle such matters. Tywin instead passes the job of Master of Coin to Tyrion in the most smug way possible and Cersei couldn’t be more happy.

Jamie Lannister and Brienne are now tied up and traveling with their captors. Jamie is still sulking over the fact he was beat by Brienne in their sword battle last episode. Their banter is funny and almost charming, maybe they could be friends if there wasn’t all this murder and threat of death and rape in the way. It even seems like he is looking out for her in a way when he informs her she is going to be raped by these men and she should just close her eyes and “pretend they’re Renly” to avoid being beaten to death.

Arya and her merrymen are now the “guests” of Thoros. The Hound, on the other hand, seems to be his prisoner. As they are leaving whatever tavern they were at Hot Pie declares he is staying and gives Arya some bread he made in the shape of a wolf. How sweet.

Back on the other side of the Wall, Mance orders the Wildlings and Jon Snow to climb over the Wall and attack Castle Black. This order, is of course after finding the mangled remains of some horses once owned by the Night’s Watch. What will Snow do? How are they so easily going to climb this giant wall?

Oh remember Theon Greyjoy getting tortured? Well the mysterious boy comes back and frees him, telling him to ride east because his sister is waiting for him. Well on Theon’s ride, his once captors chase him down and knock him off his horse. It looks like he is going to be taken in the most unpleasant of ways when all of the sudden the boy comes back, shoots an arrow through each of the men about to rape Theon and save him yet again. Who is this guy?

In Dragonstone Melisandre is leaving Stannis. He is not happy and wants to have another weird smoky demon baby with her but she says he is not strong enough and trying again will kill him. She then tells him there is another way to get the blood of the true king to have another child. How is this happening? Who knows, but Stannis does not look pleased.

Dany is still in Astapor considering buying the slave army. She decides to buy all 8,000 slave men for her army. The slave master scoffs at her and says she does not have the money to buy all of them. Of course his translator is much nicer than him when informing Dany of her inadequate funds. Then the unthinkable. Dany offers a dragon in exchange for all the men and the female translator. She only has 3 and she’s now giving them away?! Her advisors think this is ridiculous and tell her it’s a bad idea. She looks at them and continues with the deal. Apparently she knows what she’s doing. I’m glad someone does.

Back at King’s Landing Tyrion is collecting the financial ledgers from Littlefinger, which were of course hidden in the brothel. Then as a thank you gift for saving his life, Tyrion buys 3 of the prostitutes for his squire Poderick. Later on Poderick returns with the money Tyrion spent on the whores saying they had such a good time with him they refused to take his money. Tyrion and Bronn are flabbergasted and want all the details. Gross.

Again back to Jamie and Brienne. She did not take Jamie’s advice when it came to the men taking advantage of her because she has decided to fight back. Jamie, in an attempt to save her, let’s the captors know she is from the Sapphire Isle, and her father would pay more than his weight in sapphires if Brienne were to be returned to him unsullied. It apparently works and Brienne is released and tied back up against the tree but not getting raped so that’s a plus. Jamie continues trying to play Locke, the leader of these men, and get Locke to release him as well by saying his father will pay in gold for his return as well. He then asks to be taken down from the tree as he wants to lie on his back to sleep instead of in the uncomfortable position he is in now. Locke releases him from the tree and even asks if he would like something better for dinner. he throws Jamie down on a table and says “you’re nothing without your daddy and your daddy ain’t here” and brings the knife down on the table. Jamie screams. HE JUST CHOPPED OFF JAMIE LANNISTER’S HAND!!!! That just happened. Then the credits roll. WHAT IN THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED?!

See you next week GoT. Wow.

Star Wars Episode I–The Phantom Menace Review


Star Wars: Episode One—The Phantom Menace (1999)

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Liam Neeson, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd

Director: George Lucas

Synopsis: Jake Lloyd stars as a young Anakin Skywalker before he becomes his alter-ego, Darth Vader. In this fourth installment of George Lucas’s epic Star Wars Saga, two Jedi Knights (McGregor and Neeson) are assigned as ambassadors to resolve a trade dispute in the planet of Naboo. In their journey to acquire allies, they come across a young slave boy (Lloyd) who may bring balance to the Force, but the long idle Sith resurfaces to reclaim their throne.

In 1977, George Lucas released Star Wars, the ultimate sci-fi fantasy, money-making film franchise of all time. The Saga changed the shape of the film industry. After two successful sequels (The Empire Strikes Back 1980, and The Return of the Jedi, 1983) George Lucas took time off to work on other projects with mixed success.  However, in 1999, to the happiness of fans, he resurrected the Star Wars series with the release of Episode I–The Phantom Menace. Rather than continue where the Return of the Jedi left off, Lucas decided to try a new approach. The Phantom Menace recounts the story of what happened in the intergalactic universe before Episode IV—A New Hope.

When a political trade dispute threatens the planet of Naboo, two Jedi Knights must travel to Naboo to secure allies and escort Queen Amidala to Coruscant in hopes of settling the dispute peacefully. In their quest they are joined by Gungan outcast, Jar Jar Binks, and a slave child, Anakin Skywalker, who seems to be unusually strong with the Force.

With an 8-year-old lead character, this movie is more suited for kid’s attention span. Devotees of the Force would agree with me when I say, of the prequel series, the Phantom Menace is by far the weakest. Technology trumped the story-telling, overall plot and character development. Lucas and his team brilliantly captured some amazing visual feats, especially during the pod race, but the other short-coming were noticeable. Jar Jar Binks for example is probably the most useless character. He seemed more of a filler and comedy relief if anything.

Consequently, the rebirth of the Sith is thrilling. Darth Maul is impressive; Coupled with his terrifying appearance and extraordinary skill with a dual-ended lightsaber, he is a force to be reckoned with. Likewise, Darth Sidious is electrifying, living a double life, as an evil Sith Lord with a master plan to overthrow the Jedi’s from within, and as Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

Sixteen Years after Return of the Jedi, George Lucas comes back with an exciting family movie that leaves you hungry for more. This film served as great entertainment with exceptional visual effects and overall imaginative quality. With the help of modern technology, George Lucas brought superb state of the art special effects, colorful inventions and overall sense of fun into the Phantom Menace. This combined made up for the minor shortcomings. This is still a must-see film. True devotees will appreciate Lucas’s attempt to resurrect the series and continue the story that has captivated us since 1977.

JJ Abrams and Star Wars


Ever since the announcement of the new Star Wars movie being put into the works, the Star Wars fanbase has been up in arms about various things. Some don’t want it to exist after hating the newer trilogy. Others don’t want it to exist because JJ Abrams has  directing rights to it and they’re worried he’ll ruin it. Others are more open to the movie, and then are more curious about the storyline more than anything.

Some of the most popular ideas for the plot of the new movie(s) involve a reboot of the whole thing, which most aren’t fond of, a continuation of the storyline/ a “Where are they now?” kind of thing that seems to have fans divided, or making a movie out of the Extended Universe, like Jacen and Jaina Solo’s story, which fans seem to be most open to.

I personally trust Abrams with the Star Wars Universe. I adore Lost, Person of Interest, the latest Mission Impossible and Fringe, so I doubt I’ll be disappointed with whatever outcome the movies have.  Even with his Star Trek, I was skeptical like many others, but most of us ended up impressed or at least happy with how that turned out.  Out of the three choices above  I’d would like to see him do something with the Extended Universe. Yes, he does a lot of lens flares in his films or shows. Yes, the action may be a little much at times.Yes, he already has Star Wars. I trust him a heck of a lot more with it then some of the people he beat to get it. Take Ben Affleck- the guy’s a much better director than he is an actor, but I doubt Star Wars would’ve been a decent choice for him- in genre, at least.

Overall, my biggest complaint is having Benedict Cumberbatch play the main villain. It’s getting a tad old seeing him everywhere, so I feel like it was just a move to get more money and fangirls to watch it, but I’m willing to give him a chance for this. If Abrams used the same casting people as he’s done for previous projects, chances are I may end up pleasantly surprised.

So, what are some of your gripes, if any with the reboot? Disagree about Abrams? Agree? Don’t want to have another classic get another bad set of movies to follow it up?  Let’s hear ’em.

Game of Thrones- Valar Dohaeris- Season 3 Episode 1


After what seemed like months and months of torture, the fight for the Iron Throne returned on Sunday night with the premiere of season 3 of Game of Thrones. I was beyond excited when the episode finally came out. The build up was so enormous. Was anyone else a little underwhelmed with what we were given? Granted, this episode was clearly setting the stage for what was to come but since I had been waiting for so long I was yearning for more action.

Yet the episode was wonderfully put together and gave the audience the taste of Westeros we had all been aching for. This episode was less about the physical battle and more internal and within various relationships in the kingdom.

Open on Sam running for his life in the snow. Poor guy is running as fast as he can away from the grasp of the White Walkers. He sees a man sitting in the distance, and as he draws closer he finds the man dead and grasping his own head. Gross. A minute in and it’s bloody already. Got to love HBO. Here comes the Walker Sam was presumably running from when a dire wolf comes and jumps on the beast. Seriously I really need a dire wolf. Then the rest of the Night’s Watch comes and sets the White Walker on fire. Sam gets scolded for not sending out a raven. Although, who wants to put Sam in charge of important things like that? The boy can barely remember his own name.

Credits appear again, Winterfell is on fire in the credits because of last year’s finale. And a new city is added. I love the little intricacies. Now focus on Jon Snow. Poor Snow, always mixed up where he shouldn’t be. He is still being held by the Wildlings just getting abused. Do you think he will be breaking the Night’s Watch vows to be with Ygritte, the Wildling woman who seems super into him in a pull-your-pigtails-3rd-grade-love type of way? Only time will tell (or the book, but who knows where deviations and such will come in!) In Mance’s tent Jon is asked why he wants to defect and be a part of the Wildlings. His first answer is shot down by Mance, but then he tells the Wildlings about how much he hates the agreement the Lord Commander has with that awful Craster and how much he wants to fight the White Walkers. This answer comes across much better and Jon is safe.

Returning to King’s Landing Tyrion awakes and is checking out his battle scars. The Queen comes into his room assuring Tyrion that she doesn’t want to kill him. Oh the bond between siblings is a powerful thing. I always need to preface to my family that I don’t want to murder them before entering a room. The conversation between the two is tense. Finally Cersei gets to the reason she came and asks Tyrion why he wants to see their father. Tyrion says he wants to visit him since his father did not see him once during his recovery. Cersei is sure he wants to spill the beans on what awful things she has done (namely trying to kill him, incest, trying to kill the king, getting the previous hand of the king killed, you know, the usual stuff). Then she finally leaves and Tyrion walks off with his bodyguard who is now demanding more money to protect him.

Would you be holding your mom prisoner? Robb Stark still is for letting Jamie Lannister go. When they get to Harrenhal they find 200 more dead Northerners strewn about the place. It’s a gruesome site. There is one survivor who is quickly tended to. The awkwardness of the mom/prisoner situation shows on Robb’s face and the rush to find Jamie Lannister is even more imperative now.

Ahh Tyrion has finally found his father, who is now Hand of the King. Tyrion expresses his sadness about his father not visiting him to which Tywin says in the most nonchalant way possible that he knew the wounds were not fatal and therefore did not see a point. Tyrion then gets down to the heart of the matter, he wants Casterly Rock. Tywin is an awful man. I mean his disdain for Tyrion is so outright rude and terrible and Charles Dance portrays it brilliantly. He rejects Tyrion’s request so brutally and Tyrion turns his back on his father and leaves. Wow, I’m really feeling the Lannister love in this episode.

Oh look Sansa is still here. SHe is hanging out with her fake handmaiden Shae. Then Littlefinger comes over and tells her he is working on getting her out of King’s Landing. His servant warns Shae to be careful about Littlefinger and what he is doing for Sansa. Duh.

Oh look Dany, the dragons, and the Dothraki are on a ship on their way to Astapor. The Dothraki are vomiting everywhere and just all around miserable from being on the sea. Aww they don’t seem so tough now. The dragons are much bigger but Dany says they aren’t growing fast enough. They are on their way to get an army.

Aww man, I was hoping to get out of this episode without seeing Joffrey. But let’s be real, we all love hating him so it’s almost nice to see him as well. His betrothed Margaery stops the carriages they are in to meet with some orphans. Cersei is not pleased and does little to hide this fact. Joffrey also seems to be getting impatient with his mother and they exchange quick remarks. But really, do any of the Lannisters like each other? Guess we will have to wait for the Cersei-Jamie reunion to know for sure.

Seems like Dany has found her army. It is an army of slaves from a man named Krazny who clearly has no respect for Dany. His subtitles are rude but his translator softens each blow as she speaks with Dany. Death means nothing to them. Then Krazny shows the evidence of this when he chops off one of the army men’s nipples. Eww gross. That just happened. Dany is taken by a little girl who seemingly wants to play with her. The girl rolls her a ball and a scorpion pops out. She is saved by Ser Barristan Selmy. Interesting.

Hmm..that’s the end of the episode. What did you think? Can it keep the momentum of the past two seasons going? Are you excited for what’s to come in season 3?

Doctor Who – The Bells of Saint John- Series 7 – Episode 6

The Bells of St John

Wi-Fi and you die?! If that’s not a message to get out and play outside I don’t know what is. I may or may not be quickly checking my wireless connection right now to make sure I won’t die in the next 24 hours. Thanks for that Moffat. Oh LOVE the new intro sequence. Cut to a monastery. Now we have a Mad Monk. No, it’s The Doctor. And a portrait of Clara Oswin Oswald, the woman twice dead. Any guesses as to what she is? The bells of St. John are ringing. Run you clever boy and remember. Oh this is all too much.

Welcome back Clara. Oh don’t click the wi-fi! Wait, the tardis is ringing?! The internet is gone and The Doctor will find it? Wait, the Doctor is helping fix the internet. RYCBAR123. That’s her way to remember the password? Of course it is. Why does she not remember him? I think I would definitely be letting the Doctor in my house if he were to bang down my door, just saying.

What is this place uploading people into the data cloud? Our whole lives being on the internet; in the cloud? Scary. Creepy girl on the stairs. What is happening to her head? No, Doctor, Monks are not cool. Fezzes are cool. Looking sharp Matt, looking sharp. Oh I take everything back, bow ties are the coolest. Oh no, Clara has been uploaded by the creepy girl on the stairs. Walking wi-fi base station. Get them Doctor. Who are these people? Who are they working for? Yay, he is reversing the download. She’s back. Does this count as death number 3? She was technically still alive, just in a computer somewhere. Awww how sweet, setting up her bedside table for when she wakes up. He took her messages too. What a time lord.

Geez I wish I could raise my IQ that easily. Is Clara always going to be a baby sitter of sorts? Walking base stations everywhere. They are everywhere. The lights are going out too? This is scary. Get in the box! Clara silly, it’s smaller on the outside. Why did they transport to a crashing plane? I do not believe the Doctor can’t fly a plane. See. perfectly safe. I may officially be ending my wi-fi connection after this episode.

Oh this lady is not happy. They look so cool on this motorbike right now. Are you tired? I love the banter. Clara’s questions remind me of Donna sometimes. I think it’s the attitude. I am happy we are getting more properly introduced to Clara. Oh the people controlling the wi-fi are now speaking to the Doctor through the people in the cafe. Clara is hacking the wi-fi hackers. She is clever. Oh she is face-matching. Everyone works at the Shard. What is that place? Tricky devils, using the Doctor’s image to upload Clara. Dead again, maybe.  Anti-gravity motorbike. Way to go Doctor. Oh the Doctor is a clever boy. Uploading the head honcho. Downloading the entire cloud of people, the Doctor saves the day again! The great intelligence is their master. Oh boy, this will lead to some excitement down the line. Does Clara really need to be asked twice? If the Tardis shows up, I’m in. No convincing needed.

I love Moffat’s way of getting in your head. This may not be the best episode we’ve seen, but it is riveting and scary.  Taking something we all use everyday and making it the enemy. Terminator status, but seemingly more real. What a gift. I cannot wait to learn more of Clara though. The chemistry and pairing of Jenna Louise-Coleman and Matt Smith is amazing. I wonder if River will get jealous and come back to create a weird fun love triangle. What do you think?

See you next week!