Reboots, retcons, restarts, alternate realities, and broken timelines. All commonplace in comics so when DC decided to throw out the baby with the bath water Marvel plotted its retort. It came in the form of MARVEL NOW and complete revamp of the entire line without throwing away its continuity. So yeah Amazing Fantasy #15 still counts. What Marvel did was take new artistic teams and a shiny new direction and took the comic world by force. Pretty much spinning out of Avengers Vs. X-Men MARVEL NOW has a more mutant friendly team of Avengers a large cosmic force response team of Avengers and a very angry Cyclops led team of X-Men. This bold new direction offers something for everyone things are grand in scale in Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers while Secret Avengers operates in the dark Black Ops world of Nick Fury. Superior Spider-Man gives us Otto Octavius in the body of Peter Parker trying to prove he is the better hero. Captain America stranded in a world controlled by Nazi scientist Arnim Zola. The great plots roll on I won’t give them all away here but will tell you the books I give high marks to: Avengers, Superior Spider-Man, All New X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Captain America and Secret Avengers all get an A-Plus from me. I will do further breakdowns very soon but I suggest you give these books a try especially if you have not been in touch with Marvel Comics its a great jumping on point for many classic characters.

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