JJ Abrams and Star Wars


Ever since the announcement of the new Star Wars movie being put into the works, the Star Wars fanbase has been up in arms about various things. Some don’t want it to exist after hating the newer trilogy. Others don’t want it to exist because JJ Abrams has  directing rights to it and they’re worried he’ll ruin it. Others are more open to the movie, and then are more curious about the storyline more than anything.

Some of the most popular ideas for the plot of the new movie(s) involve a reboot of the whole thing, which most aren’t fond of, a continuation of the storyline/ a “Where are they now?” kind of thing that seems to have fans divided, or making a movie out of the Extended Universe, like Jacen and Jaina Solo’s story, which fans seem to be most open to.

I personally trust Abrams with the Star Wars Universe. I adore Lost, Person of Interest, the latest Mission Impossible and Fringe, so I doubt I’ll be disappointed with whatever outcome the movies have.  Even with his Star Trek, I was skeptical like many others, but most of us ended up impressed or at least happy with how that turned out.  Out of the three choices above  I’d would like to see him do something with the Extended Universe. Yes, he does a lot of lens flares in his films or shows. Yes, the action may be a little much at times.Yes, he already has Star Wars. I trust him a heck of a lot more with it then some of the people he beat to get it. Take Ben Affleck- the guy’s a much better director than he is an actor, but I doubt Star Wars would’ve been a decent choice for him- in genre, at least.

Overall, my biggest complaint is having Benedict Cumberbatch play the main villain. It’s getting a tad old seeing him everywhere, so I feel like it was just a move to get more money and fangirls to watch it, but I’m willing to give him a chance for this. If Abrams used the same casting people as he’s done for previous projects, chances are I may end up pleasantly surprised.

So, what are some of your gripes, if any with the reboot? Disagree about Abrams? Agree? Don’t want to have another classic get another bad set of movies to follow it up?  Let’s hear ’em.

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