Doctor Who – The Bells of Saint John- Series 7 – Episode 6

The Bells of St John

Wi-Fi and you die?! If that’s not a message to get out and play outside I don’t know what is. I may or may not be quickly checking my wireless connection right now to make sure I won’t die in the next 24 hours. Thanks for that Moffat. Oh LOVE the new intro sequence. Cut to a monastery. Now we have a Mad Monk. No, it’s The Doctor. And a portrait of Clara Oswin Oswald, the woman twice dead. Any guesses as to what she is? The bells of St. John are ringing. Run you clever boy and remember. Oh this is all too much.

Welcome back Clara. Oh don’t click the wi-fi! Wait, the tardis is ringing?! The internet is gone and The Doctor will find it? Wait, the Doctor is helping fix the internet. RYCBAR123. That’s her way to remember the password? Of course it is. Why does she not remember him? I think I would definitely be letting the Doctor in my house if he were to bang down my door, just saying.

What is this place uploading people into the data cloud? Our whole lives being on the internet; in the cloud? Scary. Creepy girl on the stairs. What is happening to her head? No, Doctor, Monks are not cool. Fezzes are cool. Looking sharp Matt, looking sharp. Oh I take everything back, bow ties are the coolest. Oh no, Clara has been uploaded by the creepy girl on the stairs. Walking wi-fi base station. Get them Doctor. Who are these people? Who are they working for? Yay, he is reversing the download. She’s back. Does this count as death number 3? She was technically still alive, just in a computer somewhere. Awww how sweet, setting up her bedside table for when she wakes up. He took her messages too. What a time lord.

Geez I wish I could raise my IQ that easily. Is Clara always going to be a baby sitter of sorts? Walking base stations everywhere. They are everywhere. The lights are going out too? This is scary. Get in the box! Clara silly, it’s smaller on the outside. Why did they transport to a crashing plane? I do not believe the Doctor can’t fly a plane. See. perfectly safe. I may officially be ending my wi-fi connection after this episode.

Oh this lady is not happy. They look so cool on this motorbike right now. Are you tired? I love the banter. Clara’s questions remind me of Donna sometimes. I think it’s the attitude. I am happy we are getting more properly introduced to Clara. Oh the people controlling the wi-fi are now speaking to the Doctor through the people in the cafe. Clara is hacking the wi-fi hackers. She is clever. Oh she is face-matching. Everyone works at the Shard. What is that place? Tricky devils, using the Doctor’s image to upload Clara. Dead again, maybe.  Anti-gravity motorbike. Way to go Doctor. Oh the Doctor is a clever boy. Uploading the head honcho. Downloading the entire cloud of people, the Doctor saves the day again! The great intelligence is their master. Oh boy, this will lead to some excitement down the line. Does Clara really need to be asked twice? If the Tardis shows up, I’m in. No convincing needed.

I love Moffat’s way of getting in your head. This may not be the best episode we’ve seen, but it is riveting and scary.  Taking something we all use everyday and making it the enemy. Terminator status, but seemingly more real. What a gift. I cannot wait to learn more of Clara though. The chemistry and pairing of Jenna Louise-Coleman and Matt Smith is amazing. I wonder if River will get jealous and come back to create a weird fun love triangle. What do you think?

See you next week!

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