Return of the Jedi

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Return of the Jedi is the last part of the original Star Wars trilogy. While it’s considered the least favorite by some fans, it’s also the one that seems to get the most complaints about its re-release with new CGI, scenes, and the like, between the CGI ships, or the most widely-protested, Hayden Christensen being put into the final scene as Anakin’s ghost, rather than Sebastian Shaw.

The Crawl describes that, one year after the events of Empire, Luke has gone back to Tatooine to rescue Han from Jabba. The Empire has started to build a new Death Star…

The movie begins and Vader arrives to check on the progress and reports the Emperor is on his way there. Threepio and R2 arrive at Jabba’s palace to find Leia and Lando. They play a recording of Luke bargaining to get Han back, but Jabba refuses. They’re carted away, and eventually another bounty hunter shows up with Chewbacca, demanding a price. After an agreement is reached, the bounty hunter finds Han and undoes the carbon-freeze before taking their mask off. It’s Leia. They try to escape but Jabba shows up and stops it. He imprisons Han and puts Leia into slavery. Luke shows up to save them, but it dropped into a pit with a rancor who is set on killing him. Luke eventually outsmarts and defeats it, which only earns them orders to be executed. They’re carted off to be thrown into a pit with a snake-like creature, a sarclac (which looks like it could have been an influence in Tremors‘ graboids, come to think of it), but Luke fights back at the last minute and they manage to hold their own. Han sends Boba flying into the pit and Leia strangles Jabba to death in the process. They make their escape, and Luke heads back to Dagobah when Han and Leia return to a Rebel base. The Emperor arrives at the Death Star.

Luke returns to Yoda to find that the Jedi master is very ill. Yoda says his training is complete and all that’s left is to defeat Vader, and he could seek ‘another’s help, but before he can say who it is, he dies. Obi-Wan’s apparition comes to console Luke and explains why he held the truth about Vader from him and also reveals that Leia is Luke’s twin sister. Back at the Rebel base, Han and Lando make amends, and then proceed to overhear orders to go back and try and destroy the Death Star again. The first part of the plan takes them to Endor, where they come across a tribe of Ewoks. The Ewoks befriend Leia, but take the Rebels prisoner and take in Threepio, thinking he’s a god. Threepio eventually talk the Ewoks into releasing the Rebels. After a while Luke decides to go face Vader. He tells Leia he is her brother and then leaves to find Vader. He tracks him down and surrenders to him while attempting to get Vader to change sides to no avail.

Vader takes Luke to the Emperor. Vader reveals that the Rebels will be going right into a trap when  they attack the Death Star. As he explains, Imperials arrive at Endor and take Han, Leia and the other prisoners. The Ewoks try and fight back for them. Back with Luke, the Emperor tries to tempt Luke by showing true power, and in turn destroys some of the Rebel fleet, which infuriates Luke. He tries to attack the Emperor  but Vader stops him. Vader and Luke start a lightsaber duel of their own once again. Luke gets the upper hand, but refuses to kill Vader much to the Emperor’s disappointment. The Emperor tries to kill Luke in return, but Vader intervenes and shoves him over the edge of the platform they’re on, fatally injuring himself in the process. Luke and Vader, or once again Anakin, in this case, make amends quickly just in time for Anakin to die.  With the Rebels, they manage to defeat enough Imperials and get the Death Star’s shields down in time to destroy it once again. Right before it completely combusts, Luke escapes with Anakin’s body. On Endor, Leia assures Han about her feelings for him and tells him about her connection to Luke. The heroes reunite and celebrate their victory with the Ewoks as the ghost of Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin look on.

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